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The South County Historical Society is proud to provide its website viewers with all seven editions of the Dune Forum, which were edited and partially written in 1933-34 at Gavin Arthur’s Moy Mell, located on the nearby Oceano dunes.  With contributors and subscribers around the country, Mr. Arthur decided to have “a conversation in print” about the pressing issues facing Americans during the Great Depression. Topics of the articles range from art to politics to science and beyond. For the most part, the Dune Forum has been replicated with the original (sometimes imperfect) spelling and grammar used by its writers and editors. In converting the Dune Forum magazines to computer format, we tried as best as possible to preserve the original formatting.  We did not always succeed.   

The South County Historical Society recognizes Colin Carlberg, Evelyn Carlberg, Norm Hammond and Linda Guiton for providing original copies of the Dune Forum in order to make this project possible. Special thanks to volunteers Dick Jackson and Susan Rock, who contributed their computer and editing skills in this unique effort. SCHS board member Vivian Krug is managing the website side of this project. And finally, a very special thank you to Professor Lou Rosenberg for his generous donation to support this project.  The online publication schedule is as follows:  Contributor and Subscriber Issues (1933), June 2009; Volume 1, July; Volume 2, August; Volume 3, September; Volume 4, October; and Volume 5, November.

-  Craig Rock, Resource Center Director, South County Historical Society















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